MAVLink API Library for the Dronecode Platform
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DroneCore is the best way to integrate with PX4 over MAVLink!

Use the simple core API to access vehicle information and control missions and movement. Extend the library with plugins to integrate with custom hardware or add new features. Run the library on mobile devices, companion computers and even the cloud. The sky's the limit!


Connect to up to 255 PX4-based UAS vehicles (copter, plane, VTOL), fetching telemetry and controlling movement.


Develop in Python, Java, Objective C, on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, for Linux, Android, Windows, Mac OSX.

Plugin Architecture

Integrate with custom hardware over MAVLink (e.g. camera, gimbal) or add any other MAVLink API you need.


Comprehensive developer documentation makes DroneCore easy to set up and use.


Support is available through Discuss and Slack.

Source code

DroneCore C++ and API wrapper source code is stored in Github.